This Inedible Piece of Pizza is Recreated Using Colorful LEGO Bricks

 - May 2, 2016
References: 136136tary.blog136.fc2 & boredpanda
Tary is a Japanese artist that has a knack for recreating food items such as a piece of pizza using LEGO building blocks. The tiny plastic toys are used to recreate the toppings, cheese and dough of the slice to a life-size scale, recreating the popular fast food item with a modular aesthetic.

While Tary is well-known in the LEGO community for his Star Wars character recreations, his food renditions are incredibly realistic -- earning the artist the title of 'Master Buildier.' Tary relies on various sized blocks and shapes to recreate food items, and his pizza piece truly takes on an edible look with gooey plastic cheese that drips and a curved cream dough. The pizza slice is then topped with peppers, onions and pepperonis all made out of different sized LEGO pieces.