Wowwee's Robot Dog CHiP Will Act Similar to a Real Dog

 - May 11, 2016
References: indiegogo & mashable
The CHiP robot dog, developed by WowWee, may look like a robot but will have many of the same qualities a real dog does.

For people who want to feel like they have a pet but be absolved of the actual responsibility of taking care of one, the CHiP robot dog may be their best bet. The robotic dog has almost 360-degree awareness due to its sensors and can move in most directions with its wheels.

The robot dog has the capacity to follow the owner around as long as they are using the accompanied Smart Band, can come when it is called and even has the ability to follow voice commands such as "sit," "let's play," "fetch" and "let's dance." The CHiP can also play with its own soccer ball, do yoga and find its own charging dock.