The UpGrade System is Designed to Help Kids Stay Active

 - May 3, 2016
References: kickstarter & mashable
Based on the success of its balance boards and standing desks, 'FluidStance' has created a classroom-friendly version called the UpGrade system. With many adults turning to standing desks to combat the negative effects of sitting all day, now there is an opportunity for children to reap the same rewards.

The UpGrade system is a child-sized standing desk that is designed to increase a child's range of motion through subtle and constant movement. To use the desk, children must stand on a balance board that rocks back and forth consistently while they stand at a height-adjustable table. Although the movements are subtle, the physical activity can help to improve balance, coordination and attention. The system can also improve skills such as memory, focus and cognitive ability, which can influence the child's overall academic performance.

With a growing demand for active learning spaces in schools, the UpGrade system provides a simple way to keep kids on their toes.