The 'AQR' Air Water Collectors Draw Fresh Water from the Air

 - Apr 24, 2017
References: tuvie
Working like a dehumidifier for sourcing potable water, the 'AQR' Air Water Collectors work by simply looking to the environment around them to provide users with fresh H2O. Requiring no electricity to operate, the device works by sucking in air from the environment and allowing the moisture that is present to be captured. This is then collected and used as drinking water to ensure that those in remote locations always have access to vital drinking water.

The drinking water device is reusable, sustainable and provides fresh drinking water that is free of contaminants to inhabitants of a village or town. The 'AQR' Air Water Collectors are the design work of Chung Li, Yeh Chun-ming, Cheng Kai-Chun and Lo Hung-Wei.