China's Jaywalking Turnstiles Prevent Crossing Against the Light

 - Apr 25, 2017
References: facebook & odditycentral
The Chinese city of Wuhan has revealed a new way to stop jaywalking: jaywalking turnstiles. When traffic is flowing the gates are locked. After cars come to a halt the gates open up. The turnstiles have been rolled out on a trial basis and were installed at several of the city's crosswalks. There are no authorities at the jaywalking turnstiles to enforce the law or write tickets.

That's because the gates are meant more as a reminder to not cross against the light as opposed to an actual barrier against the act. That being said there is a plan to install video cameras near the jaywalking turnstiles to encourage people to use them properly. Those who hop them or go around would have their photos placed on a billboard in an effort to shame them.