- Apr 25, 2017
These safety-focused crosswalk creations are all designed to help cut pedestrian deaths. The rise of technology has brought many positive things to the world, but one of its unintended consequences was filling major metropolitan areas with unaware pedestrians. That, combined with cities built around cars instead of those on foot, has led to a rise in traffic accidents and deaths. These safety-focused crosswalk creations show how new ways of approaching an old problem can help keep pedestrians and drivers around the world safe.

Design has been used to encourage those on foot in Los Angeles to actually use crosswalks by encouraging them to fist bump buttons instead of pressing them. In Bodegraven, a town in the Netherlands, LED lights on the ground let those glued to their phones know when it's safe to cross. These safety-focused crosswalk creations make it possible for cities to lower traffic accidents at intersections without having to drastically redesign cities or implement car-unfriendly policies.

From Fist-bumping Crossing Lights to Pavement Traffic Lights: