'Smart Tactile Paving' Directs Crossers Focused on The Ground

 - Aug 11, 2016
References: buronorth & yankodesign
With so many people using their smartphone and tablets while they walk, it makes it increasingly probable that many consumers miss the crosswalk alerts ahead of them with their attention directed to the ground rather than up ahead. In order to eliminate the potential for accidents, the team at Büro North have put together the 'Smart Tactile Paving' that shows changes in walking direction on the pavement.

The 'Smart Tactile Paving' system is essentially a set of circular lines that together form a grid inside the roadside pavement. The LED lights change color depending on whether pedestrians can walk across the crosswalk or not. If they can, the lights change to green. Similarly, the lights turn red when they need to stop.

The idea is that the lights are visible underneath someone holding out their smartphone, so they can still identify the crosswalk signals.