This Nescafé Coffee Campaign Bring Strangers Together Via Technology

 - Jun 16, 2015
References: nescafe
This Nescafé coffee campaign combined its amazing coffee with high-tech communication devices to bring strangers together. Nescafé inserted coffee vending machines and video chat devices onto crosswalk buttons. This allowed strangers to greet each other from across the street through a small screen. In order to cross the street, both participants had to push the button at the same time. The vending machine then poured them each a steaming cup of coffee. When the strangers passed each other they said hello, clinked their cups or stopped to chat.

The main idea behind this campaign was not only to provide people with great coffee but to also make a connection through technology. Nescafé noticed that technology began taking place of personal interaction so it decided to find a way to change this.

This heartwarming Nescafé coffee campaign allowed strangers to work together, interact and enjoy a cup of hot java.