This DIY Crosswalk Button Requires L.A. Pedestrians to Fist Bump to Cross

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: vimeo & booooooom
Instead of simply pushing a button to cross the street, a crosswalk in Los Angeles now requires pedestrians to fist bump in order to turn the light red.

Alfredo Adan designed this DIY fist bump crosswalk with a plastic fist and a little bit of glue. The fist is a giant yellow Simpsons-like hand that passersby look at, laugh at and take pictures with. Alfredo Adan also created a video to go along with the interactive piece, filming the various interactions people living in L.A. have with it, using the hashtag #walkbump to celebrate its use and the slogan "Fist Bump to Cross" to spread the word.

Creating an example of functional and interactive art, this crosswalk adds fun and humor to people's every day lives.