From Gender-Neutral Dollhouses to Robot-Building Subscriptions

 - Oct 11, 2015
The top October 2015 youth trends include gender-neutral dollhouses, robot-building subscriptions and customizable bicycles.

Created by Finnish designer Janine Rewell, the modular NOOKS gender-neutral dollhouse is a step-forward in terms of toys that give children sufficient identity options. Comprising seven rooms, the NOOKS dollhouse comes in three themes and is designed to appeal to boys and girls.

A great introduction to engineering for any child, the Infento Constructible tricycle comes with a tool kit and a variety of potential modifications. The interactive toy helps to engage and educate the child in addition to being a source of physical activity.

The top October 2015 youth trends highlight the emergence of gender-neutral toys that focus on their educational value rather than adhering to outdated gender roles.