This Online Slang Dictionary is an Educational Tool for Parents

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: dailymail & techtimes
The British government has created an online slang dictionary to help parents decode texts from kids.

Because of the rise of cyberbullying and the ongoing concern over Internet safety, the government has intervened to create a slang dictionary. The dictionary contains the acronyms and lingo that young people use to communicate with each other so that their parents can understand their messages and conversations. In this way, the government hopes to enable parents to effectively monitor their children's activity and security online.

The online slang dictionary contains texting acronyms like "IRL" (in real life) as well as more conversational terms like "on fleek" (which essentially means cool or on point). It also warns that these slang terms are in constant evolution, and may no longer be relevant with the passage of time.