From Artsy Maternal Cards to Awkward Mom Cards

 - May 8, 2016
These funny cards for Mother's Day use humor as a means to send moms kind greetings that will hopefully bring on a smile. Rather than opting to give mom a traditional greeting card, many young sons and daughters are favoring comical greetings that feature pop culture icons, witty text messages and of-the-moment quips, such as a card from designers Adam Gothelf and Alberto Rodríguez that celebrates "Maker Appreciation Day."

There are also a few fun cards for Mother's Day that pump up the sender with humorous remarks about being the favorite child in the family and sharing a mother's love for wine.

One of the most outrageous greetings of all is one from company TenseandUrgent that gives mom thanks for the "righteous haircuts," alongside a set of four quirky hand-drawn illustrations.