This Filter Disc for Kids Cleans the Air and Assists with Academics

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: electroluxdesignlab
Multipurpose and multitasking devices have been a great contemporary fascination, but few inventions fulfill the diverse abilities of this filter disc. Conceived by Tomas Blaha for the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab, the Chavua supports respiratory health in children, as well as their education.

The mobile device can be placed in bed with a child, fixed to a backpack or set on a table. Constantly improving the user's atmosphere, the air purifier picks up elevated levels of pollen and works to reduce the substance for the benefit of asthma sufferers. Outside of allergy season, the Chavua emits low levels of allergens in order to increase kids' immunity and tolerance to many airborne particles.

During homework time, this filter disc unexpectedly doubles as a teaching aid. It employs a projected holographic display to aid with spelling, math and more.