OurPact Manages Parental Control Settings Based on a Child's Schedules

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: ourpact & itunes.apple
Accessibility to mobile devices in family homes leaves many caregivers no other choice but to put some parental control settings into place. The OuPact app by ParentsWare is one such example of a device that makes it easy for parents to manage and monitor device usage and encourage kids to partake in a range of activities.

The OurPact app takes a unique approach to parental controls, as access is granted to a child based on specific schedules. For instance, the app may be blocked during weekdays during school hours, dinnertime and homework hours, but kids will be free to browse safely until bedtime.

As well as being able to restrict access to certain apps and websites with the press of a button, it's just as easy for parents to grant access to allow kids more browsing time as needed.