The 'Robo Wunderkind' Toy Teaches Young Children Coding Skills

 - Sep 26, 2015
References: kickstarter
Robot-building games or apps for children are becoming more and more popular with the age of technology upon us and children's technological understanding being pivotal to their success. By learning how to build robots, children also pick up underlying coding skills, laying a groundwork of knowledge for their future.

The 'Robo Wunderkind' has two parts, the first being a set of blocks that have sensors, motors and batteries built in. The second part to the toy is the tablet or smartphone-connected app through which kids can program various things for the robot to do. While this may sound complicated, the app's interface is very intuitive -- simply drag and drop boxes in order to program the robot.

Among such features that the robot-building program allows the toy to do is play a sound when someone enters a room, drive without hitting obstacles and hide or follow sources of light.