From Child Computer Kits to Visible Minority Coding Bootcamps

 - Jan 31, 2016
In today's digital age, and especially considering high rates of graduate underemployment, acquiring new skills is paramount when adapting -- which is where coding education comes in. This is not only relevant for young people, and even children, looking to get ahead. Learning how to code is also a great skill for professionals and disadvantaged people alike looking to enhance their careers and opportunities.

Coding education can take the form of toys for kids or even STEM-focused classes (science, technology, engineering and math). This includes modular Arduino electronics, educational robot toys and gaming puzzle toys. Peer-to-peer coding workshops, girls coding camps and kid coding classes are also options if you want your children to learn relevant skills.

Coding workshops are also being made increasingly to members of the population who might not have had the same level of opportunity. This extends to refugee coding classes, inner city coding workshops and the Telegraph Academy for black and latino people.