'Bit Source' Employs Former Coal Miners and Teaches Them to Code

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: bitsourceky & fastcoexist
'Bit Source' is a Kentucky-based startup that employs former coal miners and teaches them how to code. With the coal industry in rapid decline, many miners have found themselves struggling to find work. This company helps former miners transition to a modern industry by teaching them a valuable new skill.

Bit Source was launched by two entrepreneurs from Pikeville, Kentucky, as a way to replace lost jobs. The company began by employing 10 former coal miners and teaching them how to code over a 22 week period. The employees now take on client work as well as individual projects such as designing websites to spark local tourism.

With the goal of eventually turning Bit Source into a tech hub, the startup demonstrates how to successfully train employees to transition into new industries.