From VR Storytelling Apps to Creativity-Promoting Playgrounds

 - Jun 2, 2016
From VR storytelling apps that bring fairy tales to life to creativity-boosting playgrounds that encourage independent play, these modern parenting innovations allow moms and dads to stay on the cutting-edge of cool.

Inside the house, parents are increasingly turning to new technology to interact with their kids in a more meaningful way. For instance, Samsung's Bedtime VR Stories app helps bring the tradition of storytelling to life by giving parents a way to interact with their children in a virtual fantasy world. Similarly, a subscription service called Storied Myth combines digital experiences with tactile objects to help parents interact with the children through different mediums.

Beyond the home, there are a number of creative activities that have been designed for the contemporary family. Many of these modern parenting innovations revolve around millennial values such as creative play and global experiences. Some of these novel family activities include creativity-boosting playgrounds that lack fixed equipment, family cooking programs that promote hands-on learning and kid-friendly yoga classes that encourage an active lifestyle.