- May 15, 2016
From girls coding camps to toddler-friendly nature programs, the May 2016 education trends reveal an growing interest in tech-related education as well as real-world play. Indeed, parents are increasingly recognizing that although learning how to use new technology is an important skill, children also need to spend time away from their digital devices.

In terms of tech-centric education, the May 2016 education trends reveal that coding remains a top priority. The emphasis on coding includes a slew of new products that allow kids and adults alike to learn to code on their own, as well as camps and classes that teach programming in an immersive environment.

However, in addition to teaching children how to use digital devices, there is also an emphasis on real-world education. For example, museums, aquariums and zoos are increasingly offering educational activities for young children. These programs often involve the parents as well, to promote adult-child interaction and cooperation.

From Girls Coding Camps to Toddler-Friendly Nature Programs: