This Walking Tour Takes Participants to Green Sites Across New York City

On Friday, April 22nd, Earth Day Initiative will be hosting a walking tour that takes participants to various green sites across New York City. Not only will New Yorkers have an opportunity to learn more about green initiatives going on in the city, but they will also be able to learn about how to make more sustainable choices.

The Earth Day 5K Green Tour takes participants to different green sites such as the Lowline Lab, which is an underground park located on the city's Lower East Side, and a sustainable hotel that is growing produce on its rooftop. Participants will then be treated to a special preview of a new nature documentary called 'Love Thy Nature.' To cap off the tour, participants will receive a complimentary lunch supplied by the Natural Gourmet Institute.

The event serves as a unique way for New York City residents to uncover green initiatives across the city and learn more about how to live a sustainable lifestyle.