This Protected Intersection Was Designed by a Video Game Maker

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: altaplanning & gizmodo
Salt Lake City is the first in the United States to design and implement a protected intersection for cyclists that is safer and easier to navigate. Traffic lights are often the most dangerous part of the street for cyclists, as turning can require crossing lanes of traffic and bikes become less visible beside the cars.

Video game designer Nick Falbo came up with this design that guides bikers to a crosswalk slightly off to the side of the main road, while at the same time not fully integrating them into the pedestrian crossing. The cycletrack lanes are colored bright green, not only so the cyclists know where to go, but to keep the drivers aware of the surroundings as well.

Reducing the number of accidents while increasing the number of people willing to cycle to work, this protected intersection is a design win on all counts.