The Fry's Quinoa & Brown Rice Protein Burgers are Plant-Based

 - Apr 24, 2017
References: foodbev
The rising popularity of alternative diets including vegetarianism and veganism has created a market need for products like the Fry's Quinoa & Brown Rice Protein Burgers. Formulated to be completely meat-free and plant-based, the burgers are gluten-free and made using a mixture of quinoa, brown rice protein and soy protein. These ingredients work to ensure that the burgers have high nutritional value without compromising when it comes to flavor.

The Fry's Quinoa & Brown Rice Protein Burgers are seasoned using a mixture of rosemary, marjoram and sage, while the exterior features a light breading. The flavorful burgers can be enjoyed as a healthier alternative to meat burgers for those who are strictly vegetarian or who are simply looking to limit their animal product intake.