- Oct 18, 2017
These Asian-inspired QSR innovations range from wok-fired noodle bowls to fusion fast food menus. When looking at memorable menu items with a savory flavor profile, standouts include 7-Eleven's tasty meal kit program. The offering includes options like the 'Asian-style Beef and Broccoli Bowl,' which is conveniently packaged and affordable in price.

Another standout, 'Mexipanese,' is described as a unique restaurant concept by chef Roy Choi who combines South American and Korean ingredients to create hybrid dishes. The eatery's menu includes both traditional and deconstructed Asian style burritos.

When looking at Asian-inspired desserts and beverages, QSR favorites include a co-branded KFC Japan and Cinnamorol Cinnamon Roll, along with McDonald's Japan's neon-hued melon float which gives a classic beverage a flavor makeover.

From Wok-Fired Noodle Bowls to Asain Fusion Fast Food Menus: