Japan's Cozy Corner is Introducing the 'Ringo Dome' Cake for the Fall

Just ahead of the fall season, Japanese dessert chain Cozy Corner is launching a line of apple-flavored sweets, which includes standouts like this bite-sized dome cake.

On top of boasting a rich apple flavor, the Ringo Dome cake has a highly photogenic form that resembles a freshly polished, glossy red apple. The dessert includes a mix of fresh apple jam and apple mouse, as well as a black tea custard that adds depth and a slight bitterness to cut through the sweetness of the overall dessert. To top off the dessert, the Ringo Dome features a green leaf detail that includes branding for Cozy Corner.

The charming dome cake dessert is one of the many new sweets that's been recently launched with such a focus on charming aesthetics that consumers won't be able to help but take a photo and share.