The Crunchmaster Cracker Snacks Come in Two Healthy Options

 - Apr 13, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Crackers and chips are associated with unhealthy ingredients, so the Crunchmaster cracker snacks aim to end this notion and offer snackers a healthier alternative. The new crackers from Crunchmaster come in two varieties including the Protein Snack Crackers as well as the Tuscan Peasant Cracker, which both follow the better-for-you ethos when it comes to snacking.

The Crunchmaster Protein Snack Crackers are made using plant-based proteins that are found in chickpea flour and brown rice, which also makes the crackers free of whey and soy. The Crunchmaster Tuscan Peasant Crackers are made with simple recipes that call to mind procedures and flavors of the past to ensure a healthier option when craving a snack.

The Crunchmaster cracker snacks come in a variety of simple yet delicious flavor varieties including Sea Salt, Barbecue and Roasted Garlic for the Protein Snack line and Simply Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Rosemary and Garlic & Italian Herb for the Tuscan Peasant line.