Bartender Jose Rivera's Lavender Drink is Gently Fragrant

 - Apr 3, 2017
References: marketwatchmag
At Barmini in Washington, D.C., head bartender Jose Rivera created a unique lavender drink that takes inspiration from the world of aromatherapy. True to this idea, the cocktail itself is simply branded 'Aromatherapy,' and it is best described as a fragrant reinterpretation of the classic Tom Collins cocktail.

The Aromatherapy cocktail boasts a base of gin, vermouth, soda water and lemon juice that is enhanced with simple syrup, Scrappy’s Lavender bitters and a lavender flower garnish.

While consumers are often drawn to try different food and drinks based purely on their sense of sight or taste, bartenders and beverage companies are now challenging people to experience familiar drinks in an entirely new way by first and foremost introducing alluring scents. Many health-conscious consumers are intrigued by the idea that traditional aromatherapy scents, like lavender, have therapeutic benefits for health.