Bloomsbury's 'Golden Pheonix' Cupcake is Obscenely Expensive

Bloomsbury's 'Golden Pheonix' cupcake is appropriately gilded given its sky-high price tag.

Selling for $1,010 in the famous Dubai Mall, this luxurious dessert is a statement maker. Bloomsbury's is boasting the creation as the 'World's Most Expensive Edible Cupcake' and likely created this over-the-top cupcake to generate buzz for its new Dubai location. To promote the golden good, Bloomsbury released a very well-produced video walking viewers through the process of creating one of these high-profile confectioneries.

The price of the cupcake is attributed to the organic baking and fruit ingredients, premium cocoa and a 23-carat sheet of edible gold. Though completely unnecessary and over-the-top, this headline-making confection has the midas touch in terms of bringing publicity to the Bloomsbury's brand.