Clawson Stilton Gold is Infused with Gold Leaf and Gold Liqueur

 - Nov 21, 2011
References: clawson & independent
Add a touch of over-the-top decadence to your Christmas cheese plate with the pricey, ultra-luxurious Clawson Stilton Gold, created at the Long Clawson Dairy in Leicestershire as part of the company's limited run of festive specialty cheeses. This unique brand of Stilton features veins of real gold leaf running through the velvety cheese and is spiked with real gold liqueur. The cheese's blinged-out appearance fetches the high price of $94 per piece. A cracker-sized wedge of the decadent cheese is priced at $12, making the Clawson Stilton Gold not only the priciest Stilton in history, but also the priciest cheese.

Although the cheese has only recently been unveiled, a long list of notable names have made inquires about this pricey snack. Not surprisingly, celebrities are the only mortals with any hopes of getting their hands on a piece of this sumptuous cheese. The Long Clawson Dairy expects to run out of Clawson Stilton Gold well before Christmas.

If you're a well-moneyed cheese connoisseur you may want to consider sampling Clawson Stilton Gold; the Holy Grail of cheese. Sure, it'll cost you, but this cheese will most likely be worth every penny.