This Packaging Induces Happy Feelings with a 5'Minutes 'Til Lunch Label

 - Sep 7, 2015
References: maisondidee & packagingoftheworld
Creative director Martin Kuspal of Maison D'Idee designed the food packages for the 5'Minute brand. This food production company aims to induce the excitement of approaching meal times through its cleverly labeled food packages, which feature minimalist clocks that show the time of 11:55.

The idea for the five minutes 'til noon packaging is that many people look forward to lunch breaks and noon-time snacks or work breaks. This package aims to recreate this feeling each time a consumer grabs a 5'Minute product.

The entire line of food uses the same logo on all of its packages. Therefore, everything from chips and pasta to salsa and veggies are packaged with the same black clock-mimicking label. By conjuring the happy feelings of lunch time or break time emotions, it solidifies the consumers desire to snack.