Artist Maria A. Aristidou Transforms Desserts into Popular Works of Art

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: instagram & mentalfloss
Talented artist Maria A. Aristidou is transforming dozens of tiered cakes into popular works of art with her incredible decorating skills and her ability to replicate famous paintings by Munich, Van Gogh, Monet and others using edible food coloring. The cakes are unbelievable and incredibly detailed as Aristidou transforms famous masterpieces into edible artwork.

There are hundreds of copies of famous paintings around the world but not many of them are edible in the way that Aristidou's works are. Aristidou's cakes are made from a chocolate base that is covered in a white sugar fondant layer and then painted by hand with edible paint. Each cake takes roughly ten hours of time to create and Aristidou's work includes famous pieces such as The Scream, Starry Night and The Persistence of Memory. The works are available at the Vienna Boutique--Cake Gallery located in Cyprus.