Coffee Kiss Packaging Places a Pair of Smoochers Into the Lid

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: jangdy & yankodesign
Drinking your morning brew becomes all the more of an intimate experience when you're doing it out of this coffee kiss cup. Designer Jang Woo-Seok has created the 'Take Kiss Out' polystyrene cap that's been modeled and molded based on the contours of part of the human face.

The usual sipping hole in the coffee cup lid is produced with a gentle, curving protrusion, designed to emulate the shape of a person's mouth. Where there is typically a flat and often underutilized area of polymer material, the designer projects the form of a nose. The anthropomorphic surface has generic features that make it a unisex figure, suitable to be kissed by any person, face to face.

Produced in South Korea for local B2B Cafe outlets, this coffee kiss cup top is unique, memorable and intimate, making it a distinctive part of a coffee shop's experience that will keep customers coming back.