This Electric Guitar Design Features a Body Made from an Oversized Chip

 - Sep 18, 2015
References: youtube & foodiggity
It's not often that you can pick up an electric guitar, play it and then proceed to eat it but this tortilla chip electric guitar put together by Atlanta Props let you do just that. The body of the instrument is cleverly made using an enormous homemade chip.

Atlanta Props put together this edible guitar using traditional electric guitar pieces combined with skill and creativity to make it fully functional despite its chip body. The large homemade chip is made in a triangular shape that is large enough to hold volume knobs, the bridge and the pickups. Thanks to the tortilla chip's durability holes could be drilled into the chip to hold all the pieces together and make the guitar fully functional. In a video uploaded to YouTube viewers can see Atlanta Props make and play the chip guitar before smashing it on the ground and enjoying the chip pieces as a snack.