This Coca-Cola Brazil Campaign Was a Response to Negative Rumors

 - Sep 15, 2015
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Part of a response to a rumor that a customer had found a dead rat in a bottle of the brand's soda, Coca-Cola Brazil created an immersive consumer experience in order to win back trust. In the face of this negative talk, the brand launched the Happiness Factory campaign, which saw the opening of one of its Brazilian factories to the public for a museum-inspired experience.

The Coca-Cola Brazil facilities in Porto Alegre were transformed into a theme park like experience that took visitors on a memorable journey. Upon arrival, guests are transported on a special Happiness Factory bus to the main production building. There they are taken on an immersive tour that showcases the entire production process.

The Porto Alegre Coca-Cola factory can also be experienced online thanks to a virtual reality tour. At the end of the virtual reality tour on the campaign website, interested parties can schedule their in-person visit.