From City Skyline Shelves to Stackable Solar Homes

 - Oct 25, 2015
Compact and salvaged designs are a few of the standout qualities of the top October 2015 home ideas. In a move to simplify their hectic modern lives, many consumers are favoring items and spaces that could be described as simple, functional and practical. A prime example of this is the micro apartment by One Studio that spans just 200 square feet. Similarly, micro living is adopted on a larger scale in Blackbirds' co-housing project.

Aside from taking up less space on the land, many designers are repurposing unconventional materials, such as recycled concrete.

Inside the home, these sustainable themes are also reflected in ideas like lamps made from upcycled items, guides to reduce one's carbon footprint within the home, as well as entire houses that can go into a state similar to airplane mode on a phone.