This Glittering Textured Mirror Floor is Made of Pieces of Broken Glass

 - Sep 21, 2015
References: contemporist & curbed
This unbelievable mirror floor is not for the superstitious and is made up of broken mirror pieces that resemble glittering elements. The design of the mirror floor is stunningly creative -- rather than being glued together in a mosaic pattern, the mirror fragments are encased between a glass subfloor and the structural flooring. This creates a fascinatingly fantastical effect, like being on a beach of broken glass. Furniture appears to float above the mirror floor's rippling surface.

The mirror floor is part of an apartment created by Gisele Taranto Architecture and LZ Studio for Casa Cor Rio, a design event in Rio de Janeiro. It creates shimmering, playful patterns of light on the walls of the apartment, gorgeously complementing the whimsical, design-forward furnishings of the model abode.