This Three-Wheeled Scooter Features All the Comforts of Home

Cornelius Comanns recently designed a three-wheeled scooter that features all of comforts of home in one mobile vehicle. In recent years, many companies have designed trailers and motor homes that make it easy to live off the grid. This camping scooter takes the idea of mobile living to the next level with its unorthodox design.

Comanns' miniature camper is a cross between a motor home and a three-wheeled scooter. The vehicle itself is modeled on the design of an auto-rickshaw, meaning it is fuel efficient and inexpensive to build. The back of the scooter features a hard shell that contains a fully functional kitchenette, water tank and sleeping space. The motorized camper thus provides all the comforts of home inside a mobile vehicle.

While the three-wheeled camper is currently just a concept, it does put a clever spin on the idea of off-the-grid living.