This Tiny Victorian Home is Ideal for Doomsday Preppers

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: maximusextreme & gizmag
Design firm Maximus Extreme Living Solutions created a sustainable and portable living space, perfect for any doomsday prepper who is looking to survive in style during the apocalypse.

This portable shelter is designed with a niche clientele in mind -- a doomsday prepper -- who prepares for end of the world survival scenarios before they have occurred. 'The Victorian Prepper' shelter is not only functional but features decorative flourishes throughout and has all the amenities needed for basic comfort and living. The shelter also boasts plenty of storage for firearms and ammo as well as a secondary loft space that can store a year and a half's worth of dry food supplies.

This shelter is also fully sustainable and can be outfitted with solar panels for living off the electrical grid. The tiny residence is fully insulated to conserve heat and is also equipped with a specially lined roof that collects and stores up to 300 gallons of natural rainwater.