This Prefab House Produces as Much Energy as It Consumes

 - Sep 21, 2015
References: acredesigns & treehugger
'Acre Designs' constructed a prefab house that produces as much energy as it consumes. In recent years, architects have designed many different types of energy-efficient homes. Unfortunately, these eco-friendly abodes are often expensive and time-consuming to construct.

Acre Designs has developed a way to make eco-friendly living affordable for the average consumer. The company has designed a prefab house that can be delivered anywhere in the world. Because it comes in pre-assembled pieces, the home is quick and easy to build. Aside from reduced construction costs, the flatpack home is also designed to be energy-efficient. The home features a unique heating and cooling system that allows it to produce as much energy as it consumes.

While the design is currently just a concept, the idea demonstrates that architects are working on ways of making eco-friendly homes more accessible for consumers.