The 'Less for Less' Desk Lamp Looks Like a Floating 2D Right Angle

This line of tubular lamps showcases the epitome of the "less is more" concept in the design world. Made from a single metal tube, the lamp sticks straight out of a desk and makes one sharp curve on a 90 degree angle to complete itself.

The design of this lamp is minimalist to the point of barely existing. It takes up virtually no space, with room underneath, beside or behind it for other things. Designed by Davide Groppi, the thin tubular lamps are appropriately named the 'Less for Less Desk Lamps.' Even the stand is nearly non-existent, with a tiny circle that surrounds the base of the tube.

With LED lights neatly integrated into the upper section, this is the perfect piece of home decor for someone with an abundance of clutter, a tiny amount of space or who is simply the ultimate fan of minimalism.