The Korean Lab 'Sooam Biotech' Offers Recreated Canine Companions

 - Sep 8, 2015
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Korean lab Sooam Biotech offers dog-cloning services to pet owners who have recently lost their furry friends.

The unusual South Korean company has created over 600 puppy clones. For a hearty fee of $100,000, Sooam will perform its cloning services on a dog of any size, breed or age -- including the recently deceased. A large banner on the welcome page of the lab's site advises bereaved pet owners that they have five days to ensure that DNA is harvested from their passed pooch. The site tells owners of late dogs to cover the cadaver in wet towels, then place it in the fridge, not the freezer, until it can be brought to a veterinary doctor to begin the dog cloning process. It also has procedural instructions for vets.

Dog cloning services are still controversial -- and not exactly affordable -- but devoted dog owners worldwide nonetheless resort to cloning services to renew their relationship with their canine companions.