Livin Farms Has Put Together a Desktop Grower for Insect Protein

 - Nov 11, 2015
References: livinfarms & fastcoexist
Austrian brand Livin Farms has put together the Edible Insect Desktop Hive to allow consumers to increase their intake insect protein from the comforts of their own home. The device is essentially a countertop cabinet with a variety of drawers that are suitable compartments to grow mealworms for food consumption.

It is becoming apparent that cultivating livestock is one of the leading causes of pollution and the Edible Insect Desktop Hive is an ideal alternative to reduce one's carbon footprint while sustainably growing a natural source of protein. The Desktop Hive comes with a 'microlivestock' kit that allows users to grow edible bugs in climate-controlled compartments. The bugs can then be cooked or eaten frozen in meals, soups, smoothies or even burgers.