Duncan Elms Explains The Bitcoin in a Stunningly Visual Infographic

 - Dec 4, 2013
References: designtaxi & vimeo
In a short video infographic, Brooklyn-based designer, director and animator Duncan Elms has created a stunningly visual motion infographic using After Effects and Cinema 4D to explain today’s most popular digital currency – the Bitcoin. The video touches on the current world in chaos, economy as unstable and there is a growing increase in unemployment.

Elms introduces another economy – the digital realm using the Bitcoin, a decentralized electronic cash system using it to generate money. Bitcoin is generated through a process called mining where the computer receives a mathematical problem to solve until it comes to the answer of a 64 digit number. If your computer is successful, you will be able to own 50 Bitcoins. This new digital currency functions in the same way money does, on an even more advanced level – exchanges in Bitcoins are available to accumulate more money and can also be a form of confidentiality for users of the dark web that includes LSD, heroine, cocaine etc.