- Dec 17, 2014
Whereas e-security and data protection were once solely the domain of government agencies and large corporations, the infiltration of computing and Internet use into every aspect of our daily lives means it is now just as important for the regular consumer.

Many people these days conduct highly sensitive dealings online. From paying credit card bills and filing taxes to sharing private photos and applying for jobs, everything is done on computers and smartphones these days. Meanwhile, tangible hard drives and flash drives are used to store prized and important personal documents.

This necessitates high-tech and easy-to-use data protection mechanisms that regular consumers as well as businesses and government agencies can call upon. The advent of cloud computing has made data sharing easier than ever but has also necessitated the development of cloud-centric tech security interventions.

Fingerprint detection, voice detection and GPS are just some of the technologies being used to provide e-security for the modern consumer.

From Personally Secured Cloud Systems to Uncrackable Flash Drives: