This USB Device Ensures Private Browsing and Internet Anonymity

 - Oct 29, 2014
References: & springwise
This USB device ensures private browsing as you can search the internet at your own leisure without having to worry that you're being watched. The crowdfunded ICLOAK Stik can make any computer anonymous for security's sake. Still in the development stage, the plug and play ICLOAK will make any device safe.

Replacing current private browsing methods such as IP proxies and VPNs, this USB dongle makes your computer anonymous within a few seconds of inserting. The ICLOAK Stik has Linux OS, virus protection (including spyware and malware) and the TOR browsing bundle. The browsing activity takes place on the device, not your computer so any security breaches only affect the stick and not your computer's hard drive. As all data is stored session by session, the device's memory is wiped the next time it's rebooted.