The Pylon WiFi System Shortcuts All the Stress of Handing Out WiFi

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: pylonproducts & coolhunting
A WiFi system is a simple shortcut that not only saves time, but protects from breaches as well. The Pylon WiFi system makes acquiring Internet a safe, easy and fast process.

At an office or even at home, having to hand out one’s WiFi information can be an annoying task. Not only does one have to find the characters for the password, which can often be long, but they also must trust that there will be no security issues. The Pylon is a simple standing device that sits on your desk that looks to solve all of these problems.

The Pylon Wi-Fi system does this by allowing users to simply swipe their device (be it a phone or a computer) and skip the process of having to enter their password. The device even allows users to set a time for WiFi access so as to prevent connection siphoning.