This Citizens Bank Graphic Describes the Average Freshman

 - Jul 3, 2013
References: citizensbank & dailyinfographic
With the autumn fast approaching, many nervous high school graduates are getting ready to begin their collegiate lives; this new infographic from Citizens Bank describes the average freshman, and what these anxious future university students can expect in the fall.

The infographic covers everything from what these students' GPAs were likely to be in high school, to how many will be supported by financial aid. Since most American universities and colleges are privatized, their average tuition rates fluctuate around $29,000. This causes over 60% of college freshman to be supported via financial aid.

Some of the statistics offered by Citizens Bank subtly describe the lifestyle of the average college freshman. For instance, the average freshman gets about five to six hours of sleep in a dorm room, clearly demonstrating that universities encourage a "work hard, play hard mentality."

This infographic should comfort any nervous university freshmen who are looking to fit in. Regardless of where they're from, or where they're going, they will almost definitely be on the same page as their fellow frosh.