From Mobile Beer Payments to Augmented Reality Ice Cream Discounts

 - May 12, 2015
These gamified loyalty programs range from mobile beer payment apps to creative ice cream platforms that use virtual reality to entice subscribers. Thanks to our generation's growing tech obsession, interactive mobile platforms are becoming more synonymous with consumer loyalty programs and are connecting subscribers to exclusive rewards, discounts and limited edition products.

Standouts include 'Push for Beer,' -- an app that lets users play point-based games in order to earn free drink credits in participating bar locations -- along with Swarowski's 'Just Because' app that gives subscribers access to free products rewards and exclusive discount offers.

Other favorites from this list of gamified loyalty programs include Doritos' 'Ketchup Chips Challenge' an app that lets winners compete for a year's snack supply and Osheaga Festival's mobile game platform that lets music fans unlock secret performances and music clips with every completed level.