From Farm-Promoting Social Platforms to Online Gardening Communities

 - Oct 16, 2015
These eco marketing innovations range from farm-promoting social platforms to online gardening communities that aim to connect organic food enthusiasts with like-minded individuals and businesses that share their similar values. In addition to examples that promote locally sourced food, other standouts include social media campaigns that aim to end food waste in America.

The 'Ugly Fruits & Veg' campaign invites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users to photograph their misshapen produce while promoting it as edible rather than as something that should be discarded because of its less than perfect appearance.

Other standouts include Miracle Gro's blogger partnerships and digital garden campaigns that are reflective of the brand's millennial appeal. By using the power of social media and sharing consumers' eco values, the company proves it is not only for boomers who love to garden but also for younger generations who are passionate about environmental responsility.