100% Cork Makes It Possible to Plant a Tree with a Facebook Like

What it takes to plant a tree involves the grunt work of transporting the plant and shovelling a hole for it, as well as patience, which is a lot more effort than the average person is willing to make for something they may not even be able to appreciate fully in their lifetime. In celebration of Earth Day, 100% Cork decided to launch an initiative to make the tree-planting process as easy as possible for the public.

In partnership with Portugal’s biggest environmental organization, QUERCUS-Associacao Nacional de Conservacao da Natureza, 100% Cork set up a social campaign that promised to plant a cork oak sapling in Melgaco, Portugal for every like received on Facebook.

100% Cork's campaign highlighted that "more than 14 million metric tons of carbon dioxide is captured annually by cork oak forests in the Mediterranean" and has a range of economic benefits as well.