The WINKpen uses Wine, Beer and Coffee Instead of Ink

 - May 8, 2015
References: kickstarter
A glass of red wine can often get the creative writing juices flowing and now you can actually write with that very same wine. The WINKpen uses red wine, beer and coffee -- anything that stains -- as an alternative to ink.

Use it like a magical Harry Potter quill by dipping the end of the WINKpen into your preferred liquid, extract it up into the glass cartridge and pour your heart into each and every word you write. Whether you're feeling a calligraphy style of penmanship or a thinner style, you can change it up with the double sided glass nib! The WINKpen doesn't require refilling, buying or tossing ink cartridges so the environment will thank you!

The name originated from the idea of using wine as the main ink, but since any fluid with the ability to stain can be used in this fountain pen you can choose whatever ink you want! Jessica Chan, an industrial designe,r came up the idea when she was trying to find a eco-friendly substitute for a daily tool.